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Why Quiche Should be Your Go To Dish?



Quiche is a superstar dish that you should know if you strive to live a sustainable homestead lifestyle. First of all, this versatile player is not defined to any meal period.  You can serve it at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Secondly, almost anything can go into a quiche.  Have two lonely asparagus spears that grew late in your garden? Mix them with some other veggies and make an easy quiche.  Your hens in full production and you have excess eggs?…Quiche.  A couple of pieces of leftover sausage or ends of a ham?…Quiche. Now I will admit, I keep a couple pre-made pie crusts in the freezer, and use them to make quiche.  Other than the crust everything in my quiche is locally sourced.  Quiche is the perfect quick meal!

I made quiche this morning utilizing zucchini and yellow squash, left over from last night’s dinner, farm fresh eggs, and local cheddar cheese.  Interestingly, the kiddos prefer the veggies encased in cheese and egg this morning, over the same veggies served last night sautéed in butter.  Farm fresh organic veggies are far too valuable to me to let them die as leftovers in the back of the fridge in Tupperware.  I knew just what I was going to do with them when I cleared the table last night.  I quickly got them back in the fridge after draining of any excess moisture. Quiche easily be reheated or packed for lunch, and stands a higher chance of being used over a soggy bowl of squash.  That would most likely be headed to the compost.

Give quiche a chance!!

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