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The Deck!

The deck on this house is huge!!  I have always wanted a large deck or patio off the back of our home.  Our last couple houses had tiny decks that underwhelmed, and I never paid much attention to them; other than throwing a table and chairs out there.  So I was super excited when I saw the deck on this house.  We moved in late fall, by February I was getting exciting about getting outside and having morning coffee on the deck.  I spent many hours scrolling through Pinterest to find some inspiration.  Here are a couple of my favorites….

Image Source: 1. Fresh Exchange, 2. Zevy Joy, 3. The Design Hunter, 4. Cutting Edge Stencils

Here is what we started with…   I looks like a big brown blob and there is so much space to fill.

I decided on staining the deck a dark gray, thinking it would look good against the white house.  Here is the stain we used:

I also decided on adding  stencil to the deck.  Adding a pattern would add some interest and break up all the gray.  Stencils are the perfect, budget friendly, solution for this.  I ordered the stencil from Cutting Edge, they have a ton to choose from, I have ordered from them before, and have been happy.  The stencil I used here is Zinnia Grand Flower, I believe the size is medium.  By the way stenciling is great project for kiddos that like to help. My daughter did this stencil job while I pulled weeds in the garden.

I think the stencil turned  out great!

We also strung patio lights, added a couple of painted picnic tables for the dining space, and a conversation set from

I still need to add, a couple layers, of accessories, and would like to add a pair of chaise lounge chairs to the big open area.  Oh, and some sort of heat, a fireplace or a patio heater.  We were having outdoor movie night the other night, and I was reminded how these late summer PA nights can get chilly!  Which do you like better, patio heater or fireplace?  Maybe both??

Anyway, there is our deck so far.  Thanks for checking it out!


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  1. Jeanne
    6 months ago

    Looks great! The stencil adds so much!

  2. Aimee
    6 months ago

    Amazing transformation!! Time for me to upgrade