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We have moved into a split entry home.  A split entry is when you walk in the door onto a landing, and you have a choice to go up a flight of stairs to the main living area, kitchen, bedrooms, etc… or down the stairs to a family room, laundry room, etc…  It is not my favorite layout for a home, but ours has an open floor plan which helps.  What does bother me about this house is the entry is pretty small.  If you come in with more than one person, someone has to either go up or down the stairs to make room for others coming in.  Even though it is small, I still want it to be pretty.

When I started thinking about this space my goals were to make it welcoming with a little function.  There is not a lot of space to store things like coats & shoes, but I can offer small storage for keys, dog leashes and umbrellas.  If you come to my house you can leave your shoes on coming up the stairs, and I will gladly hang your coat in the coat closet.  And also… I do not think coats and shoes are pretty hanging out in the open.  I am okay not storing them in the entry.

Here is my mood board for the entry.

entry mood board

1. Felt MenagerieAnimal Heads, (I actually already own these, but have found them for sale here as of March, 2015) 2. Area Rug,,  3. Pendant Light,, I have had my eye on this light for years!  It is so reasonably priced, whimsical and comes in a large size.  Perfect for filling up space. 4. Art Work, 5. Baskets,, Paint colors from

Here are some pictures of what it looks like now.


Hopefully we will have this space redone soon, and you come back to see the change!


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