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Soapy Tuesday – Sesame Oil

When I started making soap, and looking into the different oils, I quickly decided I did not want to use palm oil in my recipes.  While I did stay away from palm oil for a while, I did get sucked into using it for a short time.  All my recipes are once again palm free!!  I should have stuck to my original gut feeling.  Anyway, when I started looking into different oils, sesame oil stood out to me.  I remember reading it was Queen of Oils.

Sesame Oil – Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil – Sesame seed crops are one of the first crops processed for oils.  Sesame seed oil is high in antioxidants giving it anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, great for acne prone skin.  It is high in fatty acids; stearic, oleic, linoleic, and linolenic making in a great skin conditioner, and when used in soap contributes to hardness and stable lather.  Fatty acids are also great for added moisture.  It is rich in vitamin E, D, B and has antioxidants great for combating skin aging and fine lines.

These are the reason I love sesame oil for skin care.  Thank you for stopping by!  Stop over to the shop and use coupon code BLOG at check and get 10% off:)

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor or other health professional, and this is not medical advice.  This post is for information purposes only.  Furthermore, the soap we sell in our shop is just soap, it is not meant for treatment of any kind.  Always consult a physician with medical concerns.

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