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Soapy Tuesday: Does Your Soap Bubble?

Ours does!  At times it seems silly, to me, to sit and think about if our soap bubbles.  But it is not just that it bubbles, it is what those bubble mean.  To me the bubbles mean I am making a good bar of soap.  I am a soap maker, so it matters.

I started making soap to control and know the ingredients we are putting on our bodies.  That has not changed, but the quality of my work, and the ingredients has.  I spend a lot of time researching ingredients and recipes.  Deciding what will make a good bar of soap.  It is most important that the soap I make cleanses, that is the coconut oil, it is moisturizing, the olive oil, that it lasts, the kokum butter, or coco butter, and finally that it bubbles, the castor oil.  I also want it to smell good, trying to use essential oils as much as possible.  Finally, I want it to look good, adding color with things like activated charcoal, indigo, maddar root, spirulia, all beneficial in their own way.

I have just touched on some of  the benefits of some of the ingredients I use.  Over the next several Tuesdays I will highlight the different ingredients used in the soap I make.  Hopefully you will come back and check it out.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”  Steve Jobs

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