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Soapy Thoughts Tuesday! How We Make Our Soap

Oceans emotion soapSince we make and sell handmade soap, I thought I would start a little series on the blog, Soapy Thoughts Tuesday.  I love our soap, and want you to love it too!  Our soap is awesome, (am I the only person that, in my head, spells awesome in cheer?) and skin loving!!  Using handmade soap is a small and inexpensive way to pamper yourself, and by golly you deserve a little pampering.  Using natural skin loving oils and butters, and knowing what you are putting on your skin is important.

Prior to using handmade soap I used drugstore body wash and a loofah.  I would never go back, I am a true believer in our handmade soap.  After having kids it became important to me, knowing what we were eating and putting on our bodies.  Once upon a time, I was obsessed with changing everything, in our lives, to all natural and organic.  This became overwhelming and I failed (not really, I just never got to 100%).  I still fight the fight!!  The key is to make small changes along the way, trying not focus on too many changes at one time.  One of the small changes our family made was switching to handmade soap, that we make.  Now I am happily making it for you too, you can buy it in our online shop!

We make our soap using the cold process (CP) method.   The CP method is a science.  Each oil and butter has a different calculation of how much lye it will take to turn that oil or butter into soap.  I use a handy lye calculator to calculate how much lye is needed for each recipe.  The chemical process of the oils and butters reacting with the lye and turning into soap is called saponification.  After we have mixed carefully chosen ingredients, and get the soap mixture into the mold, we let the it sit insulated for 24-48 hours to complete the saponification process.  After the 24-48  hours in the mold we cut the soap into bars and leave them to cure for 5-6 weeks.  The end result is a gentle, nourishing, skin loving handcrafted bar of soap.

The other thing I want to talk about is superfatting soap.  For each recipe we are able to calculate a percentage over of oil and butters we are using in that recipe we want to remain an oil and butter, and not turn into soap.  Having superfat in soap make it extra moisturizing.  Since switching to handmade soap the need to moisturize has pretty much gone away.

There are so many choices of oils, fats, and butters, you can customize a soap for your skin type.  There are endless amounts of fragrance and essential oils you can use.   You can use different liquids to mix with your lye to offer nourishing goodness for your skin.  And finally, there are many natural and organic colorants and additives you can use to customize and tailor to your need and liking.  In future Soapy Thoughts Tuesday posts, I will talk about the ingredients we choose and why we choose them.

Currently in our shop there is what I am calling our artisan line.  This is soap I like to have fun with, experimenting with different liquids, colors, and scents.  Head on over to the shop and check them out.  Also, if you order now I am offering FREE SHIPPING!!!

In the upcoming months I am introducing a natural naked line and an essential oil line.  Just today I made a naked buttermilk Bastille ( Bastille is made with 70% olive oil) and an activated charcoal bar scented with anise and peppermint essential oil.  So, come back check them out!!

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