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Soapy Thoughts Tuesday! Ingredients We Use

Soap made with comfrey!
Green Monster!! Soap made with comfrey!! Will be available for sale on August 8!!

Last week I talked about cold processed soap here, which is the way we make our soap.  This week I am sharing, with you, the ingredients we use in our soap.  The recipes we put together have around 5-7 ingredients per batch.  You can find the ingredients list of each soap in the product description.  We are working on three lines of soap, Fun Scented Line, Essential Oil Line, and Natural Naked Line.  We are often adding new soap for sale, so come back often to see what is new!

Lets start by talking about the oils and butters.  We use different combinations of oils and butters in each of our recipes.  Our recipes are formulated to create a moisturizing, rich lathering, skin loving bar of soap.

Coconut Oil –  Coconut oil has cleansing properties that aid in removing dirt and oil from the skin.  Coconut oil has moisturizing properties and may assist in slowing down aging of skin.  Coconut oil creates nice bubbles and helps create a hard bar of soap, which will have a longer shelf life.

Olive Oil –  Olive oil has antioxidants, Vitamin E, and assists in retaining moisture in the skin.   It is another oil used to slow down aging of the skin.  Olive Oil is gentle and good for sensitive skin.  It has anti inflammatory properties and will assist in calming your skin.  You will most likely find olive oil paired with coconut oil in our recipes.  Coconut oil on its own can be drying, we use the olive oil to balance out the coconut oil.

Castor Oil – Castor oil is a wonderful oil, full of fatty acids that are great for your skin.  Castor oil has been used for years for many reasons.  Castor oil is recommended to lessen the appearance of scars and stretch marks.  It is also good to use on skin with acne.

Lard –  The number one reason we include lard in our recipes is to honor the original art of soap making.  It has been used in soap recipes for hundreds of years.  We pair it with other oils and butters.  Lard is mild, adds a creaminess to the soap, and has moisturizing properties.  Lard is another ingredient that makes a hard bar of soap.  We also like it when using color, because it creates a whiter soap.

Shea  Butter –  The number one reason we include shea butter is it is a great moisturizer.

Sesame Oil –  This is a wonderful oil that is used for so many reasons, such as,  detoxifying, slowing down aging skin, and moisturizing.

Now onto the liquids.  There has to be a liquid in all of our recipes that we mix with the Sodium Hydroxide (lye), to create a lye solution.

Distilled Water – Water is the most common liquid to mix with Sodium Hydroxide (lye).  It is used to dissolve the solid lye.  We only use distilled water, because it is free of excess minerals, calcium, fluoride, and other impurities.  Distilled water is pure and will not add extras we do not want in our soap.

Buttermilk –  Buttermilk is rich in lactic acid and gentle on the skin.  Because of the acidity it can reduce the appearance of freckles & age spots.  It is a natural astringent, and will tighten the skin.

Coconut Milk – Coconut milk is great for the skin!  It is hight in fatty acids and like coconut oil will assist in removing dirt and oil from the skin.

Wine – We primarily use wine for the fun factor of it!  It does contain anti-oxidants and assists in the lathering factor of the soap.  We do simmer the wine to cook the alcohol off before mixing it with the lye.  We do not want the alcohol in the soap to make it drying to the skin.

Beer –  Again, we use beer for the fun of it.  In addition to making a fun soap, hops can be calming to irritated skin.  There are also amino acids in beer that make this soap skin softening.  We also simmer and cook off the alcohol in the beer before we mix it with the lye.

Cows Milk  –  Cows milk offers many of the same benefits as goats milk.  Vitamin A & E, minerals, and lactic acid which is good for skin renewal.  It also contains cream which is a good moisturizer for the skin.

Tea – In our soap we use it to add natural color and as an exfoliant.

Onto fragrance oils and essential oils.  It will say in the product description if the soap contains fragrance oil or essential oil.

Fragrance Oil – If truly natural is important to you, you need to know that fragrance oils are synthetic.  There is no way for us to know and pass onto you exactly what ingredients are used fragrance oils.  I like to use them for fun and to create a specific scent, you may not be able to achieve naturally.

Essential Oil –  Essential oils are natural and extracted directly from the plant source.  It is important to know, even though essential oils are natural, you can still have an allergic reaction to them.  It is also recommended that pregnant women refrain from using many different essential oils.  Again, we list all essential oils we use in a soap under the product description.

About color, we use micas and natural colorants in our soap.  We typically use natural colorants with the essential oils or unscented recipes and micas with fragrance oil recipes.

Micas – Mica is a natural product mined from the earth.  Micas get their color from FD&C colors (colors that are certified and allowed by the U.S. for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic & personal car industry).  Micas are what you find in cosmetics, such as, eye shadow, blush, & lipstick.

Natural Colorants – For some recipes we infuse the oils, or liquid with different herbs.  The liquid then takes on the color of the herb used.  We use different food products such as carrots, coffee and honey, to name a few.

Additives you can find in our soap.

Loofah – natural product used to exfoliant.

Activated Charcoal – Activated charcoal is charcoal that has been infused with oxygen.  It is said to aid in detoxifying when used in beauty products

Himalayan Salt – Natural used as an exfoliant.

Sugar – Natural used as an exfoliant.

Oatmeal – Natural used as an exfoliant.

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  1. Shannon Clark
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    Your lavender soap I used this weekend made my skin feel so soft!