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Soapy Thoughts Tuesday! A Week of Soap

What can I say?   It’s 11:30 PM and I never got my soapy thoughts up today.  While I am disappointed that I did not get the post up, the reason why? Because it is summer and I was hanging with my kiddos, is okay with me.  I have also been busy making soap.  So, I thought I’d share pictures of what I made last week.  I hope you like them!   They will be for sale in the shop mid August.


All Natural Unscented Buttermilk Bastille. Great for sensitive skin!


Green Monster! All Natural soap with a comfrey infused center.  Scented with peppermint and tea tree essential oil.  This soap would be great for the muscles after a hard days work.


Night Out!  This is a great nourishing soap!  I love the scent!  It’s black tea and orange valencia.


Activated Charcoal.  Another All Natural soap!  Skin loving oils that will cleanse the skin and butters that will moisturize.  Activated charcoal will aid in cleansing!  Scented with anise and peppermint essential oils.  Seriously, that is one good lookin soap!!


Cranberry Fig!  I was feeling a little Christmas in July!  Skin loving oils and butters, scented with cranberry fig FO, and cranberry seeds throughout.


Morning Scrub!  Another bar with skin loving oils with whole loofah in the center.  Scented with orange valencia and patchouli FO.


Sandy Beach.  The name is more for the look than the scent.  It is scented with sandalwood FO, and has shredded loofah throughout.

Mermaid Magic

Mermaid Magic! My kiddos picked the colors and named this soap.  It is so pretty and has energizing scent, as it is scented with an FO called Energy!


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  1. Shannon Clark
    3 years ago

    Sandy beach is so pretty!