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Girls’ Bedrooms

I was nervous about telling the girls we were moving.  They loved their school, friends, and the town.  I had two big selling points on the side of moving:

1. We would be closer to family!

2. Each girl would finally get her own bedroom!

They had shared a bedroom, decorated by me, for the past three years.  I knew they would be excited about decorating their rooms and creating their own spaces.

This is really a win for me, too, because I LOVE watching my girls create!!  My older daughter tends makes decisions easily with confidence.  My younger daughter has general (and grand) ideas, but wants someone to help her narrow down choices and make decisions.

My older daughter decided she wanted a pink and black bedroom with a Paris theme.  With minimal guidance here’s what my girl put together.  She used the area rug and lamp as her jumping off point.  From there she chose colors.  She went with the Disney line by Glidden, available at Lowes.  I then set her loose on to find a comforter and desk.  She loved the dance duvet pictured below.  She dances competitively and pointed out that ballet terms are French, fitting perfectly with her Paris theme.  She also found the perfect desk!   It has glass top with graphics of Paris love.  Because it is a small bedroom, storage was a concern of mine, and we set out to find a bed that had some drawers.  We found the one below in a local furniture store, and it is perfect!  It has a trundle pullout for friends that sleepover and her sister (who I know will be sleeping in there often).

I put everything together on a design board for her to see how it would come together.  The budget for her room is about $1500.  Based on the items she has found, I think we are going to do pretty great in the budget area!!

Grace Bedroom1. KESS InHouse Ballerina Duvet Collection, Wayfair 2. Glidden Paint, Lipstick form Disney Collection 3. Glidden Paint, Drifting Snow 4. Lulu Twin Trundle from Ashley Furniture 5.Pink Lamp Shade, Land of Nod 6. Black Lamp Base, Target 7. Threshold Matte Accent Table, 8. Eiffel Tower Wall Decal, 9.  LumiSource Love In Paris Writing Desk, Wayfair 10. Area Rug,

The ‘little one’ is getting the tiniest bedroom ever!!   I’m talkin’ 8′ x 9.5′ tiny.  Clearly not what she was picturing when we told her she was getting her own room. When she saw it for the first time, she stood in the middle of it and said “this can’t be right”. But I knew with some creative design and furniture, it would be the perfect room for her.  She took a little more of a hands off approach in the process.  She knew she wanted turquoise and purple for color, but was not able to express to me in words how she wanted it look and feel beyond the color.  I set her loose on Pinterest, and she was able to show me rooms she liked.  This helped us narrow down her style.  The spaces she showed me where whimsical and airy, which would be great to work with in a small space.   Because it is such a tiny room, I knew we had to go with a loft bed with storage underneath.  The lofts out there today are brilliant!!!  I think in the end this kid will have more storage than any of us.

Here is the mood board I have put together for her.  The budget for this room is also about $1500, and again I don’t think we will have any trouble here.

E's MoodBoard.001

1. Rose Fur Comforter Set, 2. flower arrangement by Honey Locust Home 3. Sag Rug,, 4. Wall Decal,, 5. Glidden Paint, Confetti Purple, 6. 5 Piece Loft bed,

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