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Happy February!!  This First Friday snuck up on me and writing this post is my Friday night.  At least I am enjoying the cocktail as I write:)

In the spirit of Super Bowl weekend, we are drinking beer cocktails.  This one is Vitamin C Brew, I found the recipe on Bon Appétit. What I love about beer cocktails is, for the most part, we have the ingredients in the house.  The Vitamin C Brew has; beer, gin, OJ, and orange slice for garnish, you can find the recipe here.  Do you like beer cocktails?  If so what is your favorite?

January flew by, maybe because we were super busy diving into projects.  I was making soap and getting some larger orders ready to ship out.  This has put me a little behind in making for the shop.  I plan on making a lot this weekend and on Sunday there will be new soap, lotion sticks, lip butter, and bath bombs listed for sale in the shop.  Be sure to come back and see what I have added.

Josh was busy all month installing an aquaponics system.  He transformed a large planter that was sitting useless and turn it into an aquaponics system.  I am beyond impressed by his work, and excited by the food we will now be able to grow year round.  Hopefully, he will come on here and post about his experience in building the system soon.

I started working on the living room and most of the barn board paneling is painted.  It is so much brighter in the room and we love it.  It is a work in progress, here are a couple pics.

I also finished collecting the artwork for the gallery I am planning.  I found these pieces at a local thrift store, what do you think?

Hoping to have a before and after post, about this room, by the end of February.

We also need to start working on our garden plans.  Last year we did not do any garden beds and I am really looking forward to having them this year.  Are you planning a garden for this year?

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

xo Mindy

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  1. Jeanne Schoonover
    3 weeks ago

    Everything is looking great!

    1. Mindy
      3 weeks ago