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Take Your Harvest…

Two years ago we began to reclaim a large area in our yard for chive production.  The space was overrun with lilies, and the chives were occupying the minority of the space.  Simply by cutting back the lilies (not digging them out) the chives began to become dominant over time.  Last year we thought “great…a chive […]

Why Quiche Should be Your Go To Dish?

  Quiche is a superstar dish that you should know if you strive to live a sustainable homestead lifestyle. First of all, this versatile player is not defined to any meal period.  You can serve it at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Secondly, almost anything can go into a quiche.  Have two lonely asparagus spears that […]

Hugelkultur, Hugel Beds… Hugel what?

Hugelkultur – is a German concept meaning “hill culture”.  In our house we pronounce it – “hoogal – culture”. It seems to me, hugelkultur is one of the easiest permaculture techniques you can add to your backyard today!  To create a hugel bed (hugelkultur raised garden bed) you, simply, bury wood under topsoil.   A hugel bed […]