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It Is All Happening

As I sit here today writing, I am in a different house, and a different town.  Yes, living in a different town! We recently moved.  It is something we had prepared for over the past 6 months.  Josh had accepted a new job back in December that would move us.   We are in transition and […]

Sustainable and Reduce Waste

Sustainability is something Josh and I talk about often.  I put a lot of thought into the products we make and how we package them.   I love knowing the ingredients we use, and they are better than what we can get from any store.  It does not stop with the products we make for […]

Thank you!!!

We have been busy:-) But, want to take a minute to THANK YOU, to everyone, for taking the time to stop by and check out our soap!!  And most of all for your purchases!!!   We hope you are all enjoying the soap, and we are working hard to keep it coming.  Also, we hope […]