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Starting Some Projects

Our little farmhouse, I have not formally introduced you our new home, but will soon.  There are plenty of projects in our future, as we turn this house and 3 acres into our little homestead, and we plan on sharing the transformation with you.  We moved in November, between the holidays, and getting our kiddos settled […]

Scoby Snacks!!!

  Since we began making our own Kombucha we have had a surplus of Scobys. Our Scoby hotel, in a 2 and a half gallon glass jar, got to a point of “NO VACANCY”. We decided, what a great opportunity to make some healthy homemade dog snacks for our boys. These types of projects are […]

Take Your Harvest…

Two years ago we began to reclaim a large area in our yard for chive production.  The space was overrun with lilies, and the chives were occupying the minority of the space.  Simply by cutting back the lilies (not digging them out) the chives began to become dominant over time.  Last year we thought “great…a chive […]