meWelcome to Honey Locust Home!!  My name is Mindy, and I love everything about the home. I have a background in Hospitality and Event Planning.  After becoming a Mom, I wanted nothing more than to stay home with my kiddos and to create spaces in our home we love.  I am lucky in that I soon found myself a Stay at Home Mom and a student again, studying Interior Design, in the Residential Planning program at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  Since graduating I have worked as a home stager, stylist and real estate agent.  Now I am on to my new venture which is sharing my design ideas and projects with you on this blog.  Here I will take you through my budget-minded design process as I am turning our little farmhouse into a home we love.  As you come along with me on this journey, I hope you will be inspired to decorate your home.  I encourage you to make each space in your home a place you love.  My belief is you are more at peace and productive when you are in  a home you enjoy.

In my free time I enjoy creating handmade soaps, lotions, pillows, blankets, and accessories for the home.  These items are for sale in the online shop!

How I started making soap: After having our daughters, I became interested in the personal care products my family was using and decided to take matters into my own hands.  I researched how to make cold processed soap many times, but was scared, quite honestly, of working with the lye.  Then one day my husband, Josh, just made a batch of soap.  Soon I was making soap, too.  I love our soap!!!  It makes such a difference in my skin as well as everyone else’s in the family.   I make our soaps in small batches, about 16 bars per batch, with all natural ingredients.  After years of making basic soap, I have delved into the art of soap making.  It has now become a creative outlet for me, and I look forward to sharing my soaps with you.

Beyond soap making, I enjoy designing pillows and blankets, as well.  This is another creative outlet for me.  I really enjoy this because I get my girls involved in the design process, which they love.  We express our ideas, draw them on paper, and then I turn them into pillows, blankets, and accessories.

I’m so happy you are here and hope you come back often to follow and be inspired by my journey!

“Home is the nicest word there is.”  Laura Ingles Wilder



TMB_8565-(ZF-2727-03033-1-001)Hello, my name is Josh.  I am lucky to be  married to Mindy, a beautiful, creative and caring  woman.  I am the proud dad of two amazing kids, and then there is my best friend, a 72 lb. Airedale Terrier named Major. I have worked in the food service industry for over 20 years throughout the mid-Atlantic.

My passion is food! I am passionate about every aspect of food from growing it, to cooking or preserving it, and most importantly … to eating it! I have been an avid home gardener for about 10 years, and in the past 5 years I have researched and begun practicing the principles of Permaculture whenever possible.

My goal is to transform our backyard into a food-producing machine. In less than a year since moving into our home, we have planted over 30 varieties of perennial food-producing plants and herbs, and we are just getting started! The list of planned projects in our future is too long to list.  I will be discussing these projects on the blog.

I hope you’ll follow our journey as we transform the inside and outside of our home. It will be amazing and, hopefully, will inspire you.

While my focus is primarily on the outdoors, I will rely heavily on Mindy’s artistic eye to make our home esthetically pleasing, while I focus on producing high quality organic food.  Permaculture will be my guide.

“You can solve all the world’s problems in a garden.”
Geoff Lawton